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If that's not you, you probably know at least one person that gives off this kind of vibe.

Some people don't even realize that they're coming off this way.

Even if they have a kind heart, their strong personality makes them seem aggressive or even rude.

Could your personality be so strong that you're intimidating to others?

You might have the attributes of a lion or tiger personality, or you may not be a carnivore at all.

In fact, herbivorous personalities like deer, bison and sheep are far more numerous in the human zoo.

There's a reason so many human cultures ponder the question, "What animal am I? The Animal in You fuses ancient traditions with modern psychological and biological concepts and its nine question personality quiz has almost fifty possible animal results. Or do you have the characteristics of a fox, a canine with a different survival strategy?

" and went to find their guardian in the forest, while Asian cultures relied on the animal zodiac and Europeans turned to astrology. Fortunately it's 2017, so you don't have to venture into the woods to find your spirit animal or decipher ancient star charts. Are you a wolf personality, intimidating yet misunderstood?

You talk about a cool trip you took last weekend and he has to share one that’s even better. He’ll eventually embarrass the hell out of himself and his friends won’t let him live it down. Crystal Crowder Crystal Crowder is a freelance writer and blogger.After doing everything they can to understand as much of the world as possible, which requires an open mind, when they run across people who are willfully ignorant or judgmental, they can't tolerate it.You don't necessarily try to pick a fight, but you have an aggressive, confrontation manner that can put people off.While there are numerous answers to this question, a common set of attributes can determine the strength of one’s personality…from how some of us converse to the ability to create opportunities where others may see impossibility.Related article: 7 Signs You Have A Strong Personality It isn’t surprising that strong people detest the act of simple banter.

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